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Porter Davis is here to help everyday mums and dads, and everyone in between, become property investors. Using existing equity in your home, we can help you become a property investor. But we’re not a ‘get rich quick scheme’ promising to turn you into a multimillionaire in three years. We’re all about sharing our inside knowledge into the property market and finding property investments that suit your needs. So if the time is right for you to become a property investor, we are here to guide you through the process.

How can Porter Davis Investment assist me?

• By providing the basics you will need to move forward
• By pointing out different returns in different market sectors
• Assisting you with investment finance options
• Providing some great tax planning information
• Constructing your new Porter Davis investment property
• Assisting you with selecting a property manager for your investment
• Buying direct from the builder and avoid hidden property marketing fees and pit falls
• While we’re not here to give financial advice, we’re happy to answer any questions you might have

Top tips

• Get advice. Understand your financial position – now and in the future.
• Decide what’s important. Is it capital growth or income that is your priority?
• Talk to your bank. Understand how much you can borrow.
• Use your head. Don’t get emotional. Make a decision based on your objectives and desired financial return.
• Consider the tenant appeal. Talk to estate agents about what tenants look for in property.
• Understand depreciation benefits. Get a full depreciation schedule prepared.
• Understand cash flow and tax implications. Ensure you are fully aware of how your investment property will impact the rest of your financial circumstances.
• Get your numbers straight. Don’t forget all the costs like stamp duty, solicitor’s fees, body corporation levies, council and water rates, insurance, interest on loans, repairs and maintenance, land tax and others.
• Take a long term view. The greatest benefit is derived over the long term – usually 7 – 10 years or longer.


• An investment property gives you real potential for financial freedom in the future. Understanding what your current financial situation will allow you to do is a positive first step. Talking to a finance institution is the easy way to understand your options.
• A finance professional will appraise your current financial situation and provide you with a customised budget. Best of all, there’s no obligation. Put your mind at ease by speaking to a professional to understand your options and budget capacity.
• With access to over 30 lenders and literally hundreds of loan options, Porter Davis Investment will help find the finance solution suited to your needs.

Managing risk

There are no guarantees when buying an investment property and worse still there are some unscrupulous people with get rich quick property investment schemes. The old rule of thumb is that if it sounds too good to be true then it probably is!

If you are considering investing in property we recommend that you stay current with Scamwatch – a Federal Government initiative.

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