World of Style

Welcome to Porter Davis World of Style – an innovative, creative space for those who want to express themselves through great design.

We are thrilled to be opening the doors to our new World of Style showroom with a team of qualified Interior Designers in Fortitude Valley. Our state of the art Brisbane showroom is where you’ll enter a world of possibilities, access expert advice and experience best in class interior and exterior design – a home styling experience like no other.

Whether you’re seeking inspiration for your own home or you simply love interior design, the World of Style showroom has been created to excite and inspire all.

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World of Style Classic

This is a style designed for those who appreciate the classically driven look. With a strong balance of texture, colour and pattern, mixed with ageless furniture and antiques, this style allows you to accumulate pieces that pass the test and time of style.

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World of Style Contemporary

Clean lines and simple colour palettes let the structural design become the feature of your house. Chrome details and funky artwork mix perfectly with fabric and dark timbers to create a cool sensory experience that doesn’t show a hint of sterile.

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World of Style Resort

Think of the perfect holiday getaway and you’ll immerse yourself in the Resort theme. The theme harvests its look directly from some of the world’s most beautiful resorts with a wonderful blend of textured and patterned fabrics, mixed with gorgeous furniture pieces.

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World of Style Designer

What’s hot? What’s now? The Designer theme delivers the elusive and unspoken flair of the talented and creative. The concepts, ideas and styles on show in the Designer portfolio are taken straight from the fashion and design catwalks and capitals of the world.

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